The Wake Up Call

Things were hazy, but we all woke up without too much trouble.

First thing we noticed was how cramped a tiger can be in a room with four other people. Second thing we noticed was the locked door to the room.

Well our new friend Stabberton, refusing to give us a first name, made short work of the door. Problem was the dark, which none of us was prepared for save for the knight Riva. She used her clerist powers to cast Light, although she picked an odd target for the light source; her breastplate.

After making a few dirty jokes, we moved out of the room, finding a couple traps in the long and narrow hallway. Our tiger was left behind, but I sense we’ll see him again.

After one particularly nasty trap, we found a scribble on the wall in Goblin saying “Big ones this way, Shinies that way.” According to the signature at the bottom, it was written by someone named “Gob.” Well we were all appropriately confused so we decided to go in the direction of “shinies.”

We didn’t make it more than ten feet before another trap. Someone obviously doesn’t want us leaving the area.

We found a locked door with a trap that Stabberton couldn’t handle and a bolt of lightning came flashing out and struck a few of us. The door opened safely after that.

But then we were stunned to see a hulking Sivak draconian in a jail cell with a Bozak in a nearby cell.

After some deliberation, we decided to free them but couldn’t get any answers out of them. Their cell had been fortified with a Silence spell and some kind of shocking spell for the bars, explaining their inability to escape.

We freed them, and the Bozak revealed that the Sivak’s tongue had been cut out, but he couldn’t tell us why. They opted not to accompany us, so we left them behind as we moved onto the next room.

The next room was the “shinies” we had been alerted to. A large pile of gold, treasures, and three chests was in the room, and Bubhl couldn’t contain herself and leaped onto the pile. She quickly discovered that it was an illusion over a spiked pit trap, which revealed three dead goblin bodies.

Of the three chests, one was not an illusion and Stabberton disabled the trap before opening it. He was dismayed to discover a note in it from the aforementioned Gob, saying “Gob here first, sorry.”

Angry and frustrated, we returned to the hallway before the draconians. A complicated and ultimately useless door mechanism awaited us and after dealing with it, Stabberton found himself being grabbed by a Cyclops.

Luckily Bubhl was nearby and eagerly charged in, looking to vent some frustration at her lack of treasure on some hapless giant. Amazingly, she took it down in three hits by herself.

Another cyclops nearby opted to try and take the rest of us, but to little effect. Riva’s special sword made short work of him.

We were there in a strange room with two coffins and an altar. The altar was covered with a red cloth and some sort of green liquid was on part of it. Several traps were around, but Stabberton successfully removed them all.

When we opened one of the coffins, a ghost-like figure bolted out and screamed loudly before dissipating above our heads. We were all confused when Bubhl started laughing uncontrollably, and Bakal found himself getting poisoned from the other coffin.

After wasting time trying to figure out what the room was with no result, we decided to move on.

The next room was strange. We found several traps located around what looked like a bluish portal to somewhere else. We opted to avoid entering the portal until locating a door elsewhere in the room.



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