Sir Stabberton

Sir Wesley Stabberton (328 AC – ?) was born in the city of Palanthas to the wealthy Stabberton family.

Considered to be a blacksheep in the family, Wesley was seventh in the line of inheritance and knew he could look forward to receiving little from the will of his merchant father, Lionel. Freed from having to act like a sycophant, Wesley took to the backalleys of Palanthas in search of fun and amusement.

Falling in with a gang of Kender, he picked up several of their skills and learned all about “handling” other people’s possessions. On several outings, he found himself becoming more acquainted with the city guard than he’d prefer, but he made several key connections.

When Palanthas was conquered, Wesley saw his siblings being either shipped off as Dragonarmy soldiers or killed for resistance. Preferring to keep his head on his shoulders and his neck intact, Wesley returned home to find himself the heir-apparent of the Stabbertons wealth, which had become debt when Lionel had been forced to work for the Clappertons, the ancestral rivals of the family.

While having no particular concern about paying off his father’s debt, he does however want the family home and his younger siblings to be provided for. Shunning the dangerous path of conscription in the Dragonarmies, Stabberton has instead opted for the prestigious career of adventuring.

Sir Stabberton

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