Riva Ogrebane

Riva Ogrebane (326 AC – ?) is a Solamnic female from the Isle of Sancrist.

Born a member of the prestigious Ogrebane family to Gavin and Liliana Ogrebane, Riva was groomed to follow in the footsteps of her father and grandfather as a Solamnic knight. Despite the hatred of the Solamnic knights, the Ogrebane family thrived on Sancrist under the tutelage and protection of the Wistan family.

Gavin died in the War of the Lance, at the Battle of Neraka, leaving his daughter to find and reclaim the family’s hereditary weapon; the Ogrebane. After searching for many long years, she located it in the clutches of a fallen knight named Bennett Silvercrown.

Captured by Bennett and his dark minions, it seemed she would be sacrificed to the dark godess Takhisis. In her brief captivity, she was given a vision of her ultimate victory and found herself becoming one of the first clerists of Kiri-Jolith since the return of the gods to Ansalon. With her newfound powers, she broke free and slew the dark minions.

After defeating Bennett in single combat, she reclaimed the blade and set out to return home.

Arriving in the port of Palanthas searching for a boat back to Sancrist, she was drawn into the defense of the city against the Blue Dragonarmy as the War of the Blue Lady began. She was caught in the explosion of light from the Tower of High Sorcery and found herself waking up in a familiar but drastically changed Krynn.

Description: Tall and athletic, with black hair, blue eyes. She has an aristocratic look about her but Riva is a very hard worker and tries to embody the Solamnic Knights Code.

Riva Ogrebane

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