Lord Gregory Devishtor

Lord Gregory Devishtor is an older man, as in significantly old for a knight on the front lines. His hair is all white, and his beard and mustache are too. His armor is dented, scratched, and in serious need of cleaning, but he wears it proudly.

And you would too, if you were as delusional as he seems to be. Gregory believes that the fight against the Dragonarmies is about to begin, ignoring the few battles two years ago against them by the Knights. The eldest Knight of the Crown in Palanthas, he is the current leader of the circle of knights still in the city, what few there are that can truly be called knights.

He speaks often of the battles to come, when the knights will arrive over the hillside and charge the ragtag bands of goblins, ogres, and traitorous humans, despite all evidence that the knights would be greatly outnumbered.

He smells of wine often, and his eyes are red from more than drinking.

If there’s someone who can earn his ire enough to wake him from his delusions, it’s Capt Alynthia uth Wotan. Forced to share the same living space, the two leaders have almost come to blows several times.

Lord Gregory Devishtor

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