Capt Alynthia uth Wotan

Alynthia uth Wotan is a Solamnic woman with an axe to grind and a chip on her shoulder.

Formerly a Knight of Solamnia, she abandoned her rank when she saw how pathetic the knights truly were. Taking with her a number of younger knights, she found herself being accepted by the Innfellows and rising to the position of the head of the cells in Palanthas when her predecessor was caught in a sting operation organized by Kitiara herself.

Her anger has given her energy and a sizeable following, but it tends to cloud her judgement and encourage rash decisions.

Her Solamnic armor has been discarded in favor of soft and quiet leather armor, and her longsword gone in favor of knives and shortbows. Her auburn hair is kept short, a lesson learned from a handy Dragonarmy soldier in the past, and her blue eyes burn with fury more often than not.

The only person Alynthia seems to despise more than Kitiara is Lord Gregory Devishtor.

Capt Alynthia uth Wotan

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