Bubhl (330 AC – ?) is a warrior from the steppes of Kern.

Born to a mercenary father and a mercenary mother, Bubhl got her name from the ogre tribe that cohabitated with the mercenaries. She pummeled the son of the chieftain after he called her “Bubbles,” and his attempts to explain the story with a broken jaw gave rise to “Bubhl.” The name stuck and her actual name is known only to her parents.

The ogres were eventually wiped out by the advent of the Red Dragonarmy’s invasion of Kern. Her parents, being hardened mercenaries, survived the encounter and fled with their daughter to the west, hoping to both avoid getting killed and make some money in the process.

Arriving in Solamnia, they found themselves now forced to contend with the Blue Dragonarmy instead of the Red Dragonarmy, and her father was captured by Highlord Kitiara’s lieutenant, Bakaris. Her mother told Bubhl to find her father as she set out herself to locate him as well.

Bubhl’s search took her to Palanthas, where she found herself in a lot more trouble than she realized.


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