Brother Aristotle

Brother Aristotle is an oddity among the Aesthetics of the Library. He had a life before joining them, one he is always willing to discuss when asked.

Formerly a mercenary, he was a member of the feared Vingaard Eagles before their dissolution. He omits some details, but most who hear the stories believe he was the leader of the Eagles, called the Raptor. He himself claims not to be the Raptor, merely an old friend of the Raptor.

He says he was run out of the Eagles with the arrival of the Dragonarmies. He claims that Highlord Kitiara herself convinced the Eagles to side with the inevitable victors of the war, despite their loyalty to the Raptor. They chased him out and then swore themselves to Kitiara’s side as her bodyguards.

Aristotle fled to Palanthas, hoping to warn the city, but his cries fell on deaf ears. Giving up, he turned to the safest location in the city; the Great Library, where he joined as an Initiate and found himself the protector of the Library during the invasion. Unrecognized, he has watched the Eagles closely for two years and might know something about their habits.

Brother Aristotle

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