Bakal Dawnsprinter

Bakal Dawnsprinter (234 AC – ?) is a Kagonesti elven druid from Southern Ergoth.

Born and raised in druidism, he was one of the few Kagonesti to avoid enslavement by his kin during the early stages of the War of the Lance. With the return of the gods, he found his magic and powers increasing and became a ranking member of his tribe and the druid circle of the region.

As part of an embassy sent to Palanthas to negotiate the release of all Kagonesti, he was unfortunately drawn into the Blue Lady’s War and found himself defending the city against the Blue Dragonarmy.

During the defense of the city, a flash of light encompassed him and he awoke in a different timeline of Krynn, finding himself in a world drastically different than his own.

Has an animal companion tiger named Viridar

Bakal Dawnsprinter

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