The Ogrebane

Riva's sword

weapon (melee)

+2 Giant-bane Greatsword


Made of a greyish-blue metal, the Ogrebane is the ancestral sword of the Ogrebane family.

Believed to have been forged by dwarves in the Age of Might, it was given to Roland deLoire, who changed his name to Roland Ogrebane after using the sword to slay an ogre king. He spent the rest of his life cataloging the various powers of the sword, but his work was lost in the chaos after the Cataclysm.

The Ogrebane family fled to Sancrist after the riots in Solamnia following the Cataclysm, taking the blade with them. All the firstborns of the family wielded the blade, but with the lack of ogres in the region the powers were never fully rediscovered.

When the blade passed to Gavin, he followed Gunthar uth Wistan to the mainland of Ansalon and participated in the War of the Lance. The powers of the blade began to reawaken with the blood of ogres, and Gavin found himself being the right hand man of Lord uth Wistan whenever ogres were involved.

During the battle of Neraka, the Ogrebane was lost with the death of Gavin at the hands of the draconian Kavissh, and the family feared the blade forever lost. Gavin’s daughter Riva set out to to locate the blade, tracking it down to Sanction, where it was in the possession of Bennett Silvercrown, a fallen knight of Solamnia, who captured her and planned to sacrifice her to his dark goddess.

That the blade returned to her after Kiri-Jolith’s appearance before her suggests it has some connection to the Bison-headed god of battle.

The Ogrebane

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